Light-weight and unbreakable. Preserving the taste perfectly

PET bottles and kegs from Plastipak are ideal solutions for packaging beer. PET is ultra-light compared with glass, 100% recyclable and shatterproof, important for manufacturers and consumers. It is also extremely flexible in terms of design and on-shelf presentation. It is the perfect choice when light-weight, unbreakable bottles are required such as for airlines, sporting events, concerts, picnics and other “on-the-go” situations.

Plastipak beer bottles protect against oxygen and UV light ingress, and against carbon dioxide loss. So the beer stays carbonated and is delivered with the same great taste the customer expects. Plastipak’s barrier solutions can be monolayer or multilayer, delivering the shelf-life that the brewer requires.

Special resins enable us to replicate the look of glass to the extent that you can’t tell it’s plastic until you actually touch the bottle. And just like glass, PET does not affect the taste of the beer in any way.

In fact, some think that the flash-pasteurisation PET filling method actually gives a fresher taste than conventional filling.

Different weights and sizes are available, from 33cl to 1.5L bottles, depending on requirement. A range of colours is available to protect against light and also reflect your brand attributes perfectly. You can also choose from different finishes such screw cap (PCO) or metal crown, and petaloid or champagne bases are available.

Plastipak’s products for beer are not just restricted to PET bottles, we also offer keg development for drink-at-home products. Recently Plastipak has successfully worked with one of the leading beer brands, Heineken, to develop their drink-at-home keg system, Tapje.

For more information on Plastipak’s range of solutions for beer, please contact us.

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