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Although well-known for soft drinks and water PET packaging, Plastipak has a growing portfolio of solutions for dairy products.

Dairy products such as fresh, extended-shelf-life or UHT milk, yoghurt & fermented milk drinks, cream and other dairy drinks can all be delivered in Plastipak’s packaging. And with great experience with ‘through-the-wall‘ or on-site operations, we’ll keep a close eye on achieving and maintaining the lowest carbon footprint we can.

For extended shelf-life, we offer proprietary barrier technologies to protect against light and oxygen ingress. Superior neck finishes provide excellent re-closable seals, eliminating leakage and waste, as well as providing a better consumer experience in-store and at home.

PET is also lighter weight compared to HDPE volume-equivalent bottles, offering a lower carbon footprint, as well as being 100% recyclable with the ability to incorporate recycled PET content. PET also offers the benefits of transparency, versatility in bottle shape, enabling practical grip features, such as Plastipak’s DeepGrip® to be incorporated.

Plastipak offers preforms, bottles and containers which can be used in the cold-store and ambient distribution channels, for fresh, pasteurised, ultra pasteurised and UHT dairy goods filled in clean, ultra-clean and aseptic environments.

Preforms can be monolayer or multilayer, clear or coloured. We also offer a range of finishes for screw cap and aluminium foil closure applications.

Sleeving, embossing, debossing, textures and printing technology complete the package, enabling the reflection of brand values to the maximum.

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