Carbonated Soft Drinks

Large-scale PET preform production, with quality you can trust

At Plastipak we have built our leading reputation on designing, manufacturing and supplying PET preforms and bottles for the soft drinks industry.

It takes time and dedication to build up trust. And the world’s leading carbonated drinks brands trust our PET preforms and bottles to deliver their brands to their consumers in perfect condition. In fact, Coca-Cola Enterprises awarded us their Supplier of the Year Award in 2011 (under the APPE identity).

Plastipak can supply preforms or bottles of all sizes and weights to fit the specific need. We are also experts in light-weighting, including the very latest neck finishes, enabling us to reduce packaging weight without compromising quality or performance. We also supply refillable bottles for countries with a deposit system. For more information see our Sustainability section.

We can include any proportion of recycled PET (rPET) in the finished product, from 1 to 100% as required, with a 25% inclusion being the most popular proportion requested.

To maximise shelf life we can provide barrier protection for oxygen or light sensitive soft drinks. We can also prevent carbon dioxide loss.

We understand the importance of shelf appeal and can add decorative options such as sleeving, embossing, debossing and different textures. Your bottles will reflect your brand messages and values every time.

Plastipak also has extensive experience with in-house, close-by or ‘through-the-wall’ manufacturing services, helping to increase production and logistics efficiencies in filling operations, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Contact us to find out more about Plastipak’s light-weight PET preforms and bottles for carbonated soft drinks.

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