Food & Sauces

Meeting technical challenges to preserve food for consumer safety

Plastipak manufactures PET bottles, containers and wide-mouth jars suitable for sauces and many other foods.

Examples include edible oils, ketchup, mustard, chocolate spread and other liquid toppings, cooking & pasta sauces, passata, pickled vegetables, dressings, mayonnaise, dry herbs, powders and coffee.

PET is a great substitute for the traditional packaging of glass, being up to 85% lighter. It also has superior health and safety qualities, being virtually unbreakable. These aspects are important for both manufacturers and consumers, resulting in PET being increasingly adopted in the food sector. All of Plastipak’s major manufacturing sites are BRC IoP accredited so you can be sure our hygiene standards are of the highest level, and of course, our PET packaging is fully approved for food use.

We can produce PET containers in a wide variety of shapes and designs to maximise both shelf appeal and ease of use. Examples include top-down containers for condiments such as ketchup and wide-mouth jars for pickles and home-cooking sauces.

Plastipak’s bottles and jars are suitable for a variety of filling methods; cold-fill, hot-fill and aseptic (depending on temperature). Plastipak’s Heat Set containers can be filled at temperatures of up to 95oC, dependent on filling factors.

To protect products sensitive to oxygen, UV light or moisture, a range of proprietary PET barrier technologies are available. These will ensure that food products safely reach the consumer within your acceptable parameters of taste, appearance, nutritional content and texture. Monolayer and multilayer barrier preforms, bottles and jars are available, dependent on application.

Whatever technical challenges your product presents, you can be confident that Plastipak has the ability to successfully address them. Your food will be safely preserved to reach consumers in perfect condition.

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