Home Care

Expert PET design with a low carbon footprint

Plastipak can manufacture PET bottles and containers for liquid, capsule or powder home care products such as detergents, surface care, laundry care and dishwashing. We supply the companies behind some of Europe’s biggest brands in the home care market as well as fast-growing own-label products.

Plastipak’s manufacturing techniques allow for single stage and two stage manufacture of preforms, bottles and containers, depending on volume requirements. Advanced techniques such as preferential heating mean Plastipak can cost effectively produce complex shapes, for increased ease of use and enhanced shelf appeal.

Plastipak not only manufactures bottles, but designs them as well.  We know how to design a bottle that not only looks and performs great on the shelf, but will pass quickly and efficiently through filling lines. We offer a wide range of neck sizes to optimise productivity.

For larger bottles, Plastipak’s DeepGrip® bottle is perfect for ease of handling.

PET is ideally suited to this market given its core attributes of design flexibility, light-weight options, transparency, clarity and reseal-ability. We offer a range of colours and decorative options for maximum shelf-impact as well as barrier options to protect contents against UV light.

It also has great environmental attributes, being lighter weight than equivalent HDPE volume containers, 100% recyclable and able to contain recycled PET content.

It is no wonder it is increasingly the material of choice in the home care market.

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