Juices & Nectars

Perfect preservation of juices & nectars

Plastipak supplies PET preforms or bottles designed for the perfect delivery of fresh fruit juice, nectars and juice drinks preserving taste, colour and vitamin content.

Offering a range of sizes and weights, Plastipak preforms and bottles can include barrier technologies to protect against light and oxygen ingress, which may affect the taste, colour and nutritional content of your juice. Monolayer and multilayer preforms and bottles are available whether you fill cold, hot or aseptically.

If you hot-fill, Plastipak’s range of Heat Set bottles and containers will withstand filling temperatures of up to 85oc.

Plastipak’s innovative oxygen-scavenging barrier ActivSeal® is perfect for juice applications. This exciting barrier system gives perfectly clear bottles, excellent shelf-life performance and ultimate recyclability.

We understand the importance of shelf appeal and we can add decorative options such as sleeving, embossing, debossing and textures. So your juice bottles will look exactly how you want them to, every time.

And Plastipak is pioneering the way with the innovative 33mm neck width for juice containers. Not only does this save weight in the bottle, there are also important savings to be made in the closure weight at this size too.

For perfect preservation of your juice, Plastipak is the natural choice. Contact us today for more information.