Bottles that look like glass, but without the weight or breakage

When it comes to spirit bottles, PET allows innovative, complex, eye-catching shapes to be created in various colours. Specialist resin produces a glass-like effect, and is combined with Plastipak’s range of decorative options such as embossing, debossing, texture and printing. The end result is a bottle that maintains your brand identity and integrity, which consumers won’t realise is plastic until they touch it.

Whether your brand identity relies on a specific amber, blue or other colour, opaque or transparent, metallic or pearlescent, Plastipak offers a range of colours to suit your need, Crystal clear bottles are available too.

Our portfolio of sizes range from miniatures right through to 1 litre and beyond. Our innovative DeepGrip® bottles are perfect for large sizes, offering easier handling and portability.

Various metal and plastic closures are available to meet your technical and brand requirements.

Up to 8 times lighter than glass and shatterproof, PET spirit bottles offer a safe, practical and more sustainable alternative to glass. 100% recyclable and the ability to include recycled content, Plastipak spirit bottles can contribute significantly to a reduction in your carbon footprint as well as offering convenience and safety to consumers.

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