Award-winning PET bottles for Red, White or Rosé wines

Offering a wide range of standard sizes; 187ml, 250ml, 750ml or 1 litre, Plastipak PET wine bottles can be produced in different colours and have neck finishes that use screw caps. We can also produce different sizes if desired.

Bordeaux and Burgundy shapes are standard, but bottle shape can also be custom-designed.

There are 2 main elements that threaten the quality of wine; ultraviolet light and oxygen ingress. With Plastipak’s award winning wine bottles, both of these hazards are protected against. What’s more PET does not affect the taste of wine at all and is fully approved for food-contact use.

Plastipak’s barrier solutions for wine are available as monolayer or multilayer preforms or bottles. Conservation of the wine is optimised and shelf-life from a few months up to two years can be achieved.

Up to 8 times lighter than glass and virtually unbreakable, Plastipak wine bottles are ideal for situations where these qualities are desirable. Concerts, airlines, sporting events and on-the-go occasions such as picnics are just some examples.

Thanks to its light weight the carbon footprint of PET is lower when compared to glass – and that’s across the whole of the life-cycle. PET wine bottles can also contain recycled content.

Plastipak wine bottles are made with a standard wine finish.  Closure options include aluminium or plastic 30×60 Pilfer caps, as well as synthetic cork.

Plastipak’s wine-specialist team will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate PET solution and advise you on issues such as adapting your filling line. Call or contact us today.