Award-winning Sustainability

We don’t just talk about it. We live it.

It’s easy for companies to claim environmental responsibility. But here at Plastipak, we don’t just talk about it. We live it.

Sustainability is one of the essential pillars of our business strategy and success.

It’s not a trend that we have jumped on. We opened our post-consumer PET recycling facility in 1998. Our water and energy conservation programmes were implemented before the start of the current millennium.

We routinely collect sustainability data and use it to benchmark our progress against performance and stated operational objectives.

And it’s not just our operational and recycling processes that are subject to our policies. We design all of our products with the whole of their life, from cradle to grave, in mind.

Take a look at some our sustainable practises – you might be surprised.

Plastipak. Sustainable packaging manufactured, recycled and reused in a sustainable way. It’s what we do.