All-round performance

With years of experience, Plastipak knows how to design and manufacture preforms and bottles that perform on all levels, from design conception right through to the end of its life in the recycling stream.

Plastipak preforms, bottles and containers ensure your products reach the consumer in perfect condition, without comprising taste, quality or appearance.

If you need extended shelf-life, or extra protection for sensitive contents, Plastipak offers a wide range of active and passive barriers, including our latest innovation, ActivSeal®.

And it’s not just about protection. We design eye-catching bottles and containers that pass through the filling line with maximum speed and efficiency, whether you fill hot, cold or aseptically.

Our range of Heat Set bottles leads the way in design and functionality – and above all, performance.

For large volume containers, Plastipak’s DeepGrip® bottles offer a deep-set handle-like grip, which offers great ergonomics and much easier handling than comparative-size bottles.

So for excellent performance at every level, call Plastipak.