SprayPET aerosol containers

SprayPET is a revolutionary PET plastic aerosol container, developed using Plastipak’s extensive knowledge and experience in PET containers to overcome the extreme technical challenges that pressurised containers bring.

With a low carbon footprint , SprayPET® is a versatile aerosol container which is also fully food-approved.
SprayPET is suitable for a wide range of aerosol applications such as;

• Personal care – shaving gels & foams, hair care, body moisturisers
• Home care – air fresheners, cleaning applications, insecticides
• Food (oils, cooking mists, creams and sauces)
• Industrial applications

Offering a practical alternative to tin-plate or aluminium aerosol containers, SprayPET® offers a host of benefits

• Design and shape flexibility – a real opportunity for on-the-shelf differentiation and brand awareness at a competitive price
• BPA free
• Rust free
• Low inventory costs
• Flexible lead times
• Printing, sleeving or labelling decoration options
• Soft and warm texture and touch
• Low carbon footprint

Produced by Europe’s leader in PET packaging, using the same manufacturing technologies used to produce billions of soft drinks and water bottles per year, you can be assured that SprayPET can be mass produced, with consistent high levels of quality.

Watch this video which shows how SprayPET® PET plastic aerosol containers are made:


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